Medal of Honor

Press passes for students reporting on the Medal of Honor Convention.

Lady Gaga Courier-Journal

Friday features page on the Lady Gaga performance.

St. James Art Show Courier-Journal

Friday features page on the St. James Art Show.

Bin Laden Dead Courier-Journal

The Greenville News the day after Bin Laden was killed.

Wedding Map Wedding

Out-of-town wedding guests were given this map to get them to the hotel, wedding, and reception.

Wedding Map Wedding

Out-of-town wedding guests were given this map to get them to the wedding.

Dinosaur Courier-Journal

Friday features page on Walking with Dinosaurs.

Could have beenThe Boston Globe

This feature cover illustrated the story of a man who was in the band Aerosmith, but quit before the band became famous.

Fresh GreensThe Star-Ledger

A green feature in the Style section of The Star-Ledger.

Ramen Ball State Daily News

Celebrating 50 years of a college students favorite standby meal.

MTV Ball State Daily News

Illustration and graphic about the end of iconic MTV schow.

About Me
About Me

A native Hoosier, I graduated from Ball State University in beautiful Muncie, Ind. for journalism graphic design. I currently live in Louisville and work as a designer at the Courier-Journal.

I have interned at the Boston Globe, Newark Star-Ledger and the Courier-Journal.

Brainiac The Boston Globe

Illustration for the Globe on how scientists have a hard time communicating to the public about their research.

Slept Through ClassThe Daily News

New web site allowed college students to post class notes online so their peers could catch up on their Z's.

Love Stinks The Daily News

Single on Valentives day can gives some Ball State students heart burn.

Sequel Pursuit Courier-Journal

2010 Summer movies felt a bit familiar, this game board led players to thei best option.

Lebowski Fest Courier-Journal

After nine years of Lebowski Fest, can the dude keep it's momentum?

Flash InteractiveInteractive

Class work with partner Jessica Maglinger

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Denim Style InspirationStar-Ledger

Weekly style feature using an inspiration point; this week was denim jeans.


David Sedaris visited Louisville to promote his new book.

ResumeAbout me
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Audio SlideshowInteractive

Audio slideshow created during Poynter fellowship. Some photography by Elliot Njus.

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iPhone App DesignInteractive

Immersive learning class with computer science students to create an interactive news application for the iPhone.

See Working App
Summer Hazards Boston Globe

Summer means outside dangers.

Summer Hazards SpreadBoston Globe

I created illustrations to compliment the style of the cover.

BasketBallStateBall State Daily News

Breakout information giving students the skinny on the new season.

Too Complex to ExistBoston Globe

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